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23-Oct-2017 07:34

What happens when she confides in a certain Hyūga friend?Followed by a run in with a certain blond Akatsuki member? Sakura finally makes a friend after being alone for so long, but also re-encounters an old 'friend', who was her ex, much to her luck.The day after Obito died, Itachi cried for the last time. Obito had no idea how much he'd changed Itachi, and the Uchiha clan would pay the price for his good intentions. I want to go on this adventure with you, write this fanfiction for you and let you decide where we are heading!We start off at your near death experience and from this very chapter on I let you decide what'll happen. When they're captured by the artistic duo and taken back as captives, their world shifts and they find themselves struggling to make sense of the changes happening around them. Melihat dari jauh saja sudah lebih dari cukup./"Apa yang ingin kau lakukan padaku, Teicchi?

Sure you may watch the anime, read the manga, or play the card/video game, but are you a true Naruto fan?

She certainly has attracted the attention of the crew members. They start to find a home in the Akatsuki, and a love for their captors. Seakan ada lampu sorot yang menyinari mereka dari atas dimana dunia di sekeliling mereka hitam gelap... "/Deidara x OC Female Character/Warnings applied/Fanfic Commission for Acut/Mind to Rn R?

She is in a relationship with one of the legendary NBA players Shaquille O'Neal.… continue reading »

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