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Every host runs the Minecraft/External Minecraft server software (which is a file) through Java, which is cross-platform (Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible).This allows all servers to run the same way as they would on one OS compared to another.Major Java updates include changes that can (and often will) break old code, which means that Minecraft, Forge and the mods may need to be updated to work properly.If you don't mind crashes or losing your progress, then please do install the new Java version and report any problems to the modpack authors or mod developers!You will also want to understand that host companys cannot fix all Minecraft related problems for you as we did not program the game, Craft Bukkit, Tekkit or the plugins you use - we can only give you our best effort at debugging the problems using our experience.

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For other players, however, managing your version number (and creating separate profiles for different purposes) is an important component of the Minecraft experience.

If you play online most multiplayer servers typically don’t immediately update to the most current version as it is a huge headache for server owners to perform major updates.