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07-Oct-2017 00:39

Our switches are from NETGEAR's Pro Safe range designed for SMBs.

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“NETGEAR is offering this beta firmware release as a temporary solution, but NETGEAR strongly recommends that all users download the production version of the firmware release as soon as it is available.” A researcher who goes by the handle of Ace W0rm said he disclosed the vulnerability in August, and that the report was never acknowledged by Netgear, therefore he decided to go public on Friday.

Recently I was asked to upgrade all our managed NETGEAR switches to the latest firmware to assist with network monitoring and troubleshooting.

We weren't trying to solve a specific problem; we just wanted to make sure we had all the latest features and bug fixes.

Netgear has begun pushing out beta versions of firmware updates that will address a critical vulnerability that was disclosed late last week.

The networking vendor also confirmed that many more routers in its Nighthawk line are vulnerable than originally reported.Netgear, meanwhile, today posted a similar list of products it has tested and confirmed vulnerable: R6250; R6400; R6700; R7000; R7100LG; R7300; R7900; R8000.

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