Updating pirated windows xp

12-Feb-2018 12:44

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The error message Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC is displayed during the upgrade process, and there does not seem to be a way around this.

This is the first time that devices are blocked from receiving new Windows 10 feature upgrades, and it could not come at a worse point in time.

We are talking about devices that are three to five years old, not something ancient.

Microsoft ran the Get Windows 10 campaign, and many of the devices were upgraded to Windows 10 for free during that time period.

The alternative, slow and inefficient data transfer mode is called PIO, Programmed Input-Output, where the central processor transfers data byte for byte or word for word.

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Microsoft hasn't officially said anything but it did show this slide at a developer event earlier this year: As ever, the update will be free to all computers running Windows 10.The latest news via MSPower User is that - after a court battle in Germany - Microsoft has promised it will stop the practice of downloading many gigabytes of Windows upgrade files without the user's consent.This was one of the controversial practices it employed in the run up to the original launch of Windows 10.Even if you didn't want to upgrade, up to 6GB of installation files were downloaded to some PCs and laptops without the owners' knowledge.

For some this used up their monthly data allocation, for others it filled up their hard drive leaving no free space.We have received many emails and comments from our readers who shared various Registry tweaks to enable new hidden secret experimental features in Windows 10 as well as to disable new features and to bring back old features in Windows 10.

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